Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back On The Blogging Scene

I have discovered that I am a busy guy! You would think I already knew that, but sometimes life just gets in a whirl and it takes me a while to realize just how busy I am.

Now that the excuses are out of the way, I want to say (for anyone who might care) that I am back on the blogging scene and will do my utmost to post much more frequently and on a regular schedule. Exactly what that is I do not know at the moment, but it will certainly be better than the past several months.

I also decided not to post more CrossTies Devotional Articles as blogs. No need to do that. First, it's overkill with the articles since they are readily available elsewhere, and second, it's too easy to use them instead of writing blogs as I originally intended.

I will also try to do a better job of promoting the blogs. That hasn't been done at all. So! Here we go.

Today, I want to comment on some things I've been reading in other people's blogs. I am impressed with what I'm reading. Hopefully, that is because I am rather selective in what I read (re: my earlier comment about being busy). Without naming names or blogs, let me list a few things I'm noticing.
  • Writers are evidencing a serious spirituality. There is less concern with appearances, patterns, and shallow thinking. I'm reading people who are wrestling with serious subjects with deeper thinking.
  • Writers are showing more concern with scripture, its meaning, and its application to modern life than to traditions and custom. Surely, this is good for it is the very thing we have always urged others to do.
  • Writers are more concerned with the weighty subjects and less concerned with minor things. Again, this is one of those things we have demanded of others, but we haven't always done this ourselves. Good for those will challenge us this way.
  • Writers are demonstrating an awareness that we do not exist in a vacuum, but instead, we live in communities of people. We can't stand outside the community and expect to reach the community. We must engage people where they are.
This is all positive news for people who are seriously interested in following Jesus and not just "doing church." So, thanks, guys (& gals!) for what you're doing.