Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All My Books - Great Program For Preachers

Here's something all preachers can use (as well as anyone who has a sizeable collection of books). It's a computer program called "All My Books." You can click on the title of this blog entry or just click here and it will take you to the web site.

For years, I've wanted a program to help me keep up with my books. There are lots of preachers who have more books than I do, but I daresay I have more than most. The job of cataloging and keeping up with them all is staggering. Years ago, when I was working on my Th.M., one of the things I had to do was an exercise that resulted in assigning to my secretary, the task of working up a list of books in my library. She wasn't thrilled. It involved developing a bibliography of several thousand volumes. That list has now been exceeded greatly, then lost somewhere in a move. The thought of attempting such a job now is, well.... not a thought at all.

So, why "All My Books?" Because it will do most of the work for you. Here's a quick example. I entered just the ISBN for one of my books, clicked on the icon beside the entry box, and in a few seconds, the program accessed's database, retrieved all the pertinent information, and I was ready for the next entry. Slick! Cool. Way cool. This, I can do!

The program also handles ebooks in various formats, and audio books.

The program will provide you with statistics, and even function as a loan manager so you won't forget who you loaned that priceless book to.

Even if you're not a preacher, you may have a few hundred books. I still think the program would be worthwhile. The price is right too, at just $34.95 for a single user.

There are other programs available that might be or interest to many. "All My Movies," and "All My Software" are other titles you might want to consider.

I'm always looking for useful tools to make things easier. This one is outstanding.